- Ri Ri Must Be A Little Ri Ri In The Head -

"That's when your the prettiest. I hope that you don't take it wrong" - Drake

This incident is kinda what made me say ok, time to start blogging. The reconciliation of Christopher "Danger" Brown and my once beloved wife, Rihanna. 

Cake cake cake is what she wants us to hear as she sings her song. But all I hear is Beat beat beat beat. 

I don't know her, and probably never will. And she doesn't even know I exist. Well, that's the irony of being a superstar. From the minute your face lands its debut in any magazine, you have subjected yourself to be the idol of some individual who won't get the chance to ever grace that same cover. It comes along with the job, and to be a superstar and say "I am not anyone's role model", that's like saying you're a plumber but get surprised when you see shit in the toilet. It comes with the job, Rihanna. If you don't want the responsibility, maybe you should have a different profession. 

I was never really a Chris Brown fan. I must the only person in the world that thinks he needs an unlimited supply of nyquil and permanent bed rest, but when he hit Rihanna, that was icing on the cake (no pun intended).  At first, the Jamaican mentality in me said "she probably provoked him" until I read the part about biting and the strangulation. Wtf. I think he watched too much WWE growing up. As time went on, he showed no character of growth what so ever, throwing shit out the window, and bragging about his "accomplishments". 

In the end, they can think highly of themselves because they have the money to sleep without worries of what to  eat the next morning but the position they took to get that money is how they are being irresponsible. The simple fact you have young ghetto birds tweeting "oh you can beat me" to Chris Brown shows that ignorance loves ignorance. And honestly, if those were the fans that backed me up, I would quit my job. Rihanna has made her decision for whatever reasons she felt in her head, and now the young people who look up to her (the same people that supported her when she got fucked up and the same people who are the reason she is rich) will have a new message to follow. That message is, if he whoops your ass, just wait a while before you call him back. 


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Lmao she is a dumb bitch I swear. She is gonna flop from this. FLOP ass

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