Sunday Funday - James Fauntleroy - Impossible To Kill

If you never heard of him, google him bitches. 

James Fauntleroy in my opinion is a genius. He is a great song writer responsible for a shit load of artist songs from Chris Brown (I just cringed typing that), Rihanna (now I'm crying.), and even Justin Timberlake. I would have him write my whole damn album.

His songs are really original in my opinion and very dark in a way. I can't explain what I mean by dark but listening to the songs he is responsible for, you will catch his trademark sound quickly. As for "Impossible to Kill", I wish I had the chance to make this a single for myself. This would be my second single (seriously). To me it sounds like "Kissed By A Rose" on steroids and very modern. Check it out and see if it fits your Sunday mood. 


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