Rita Ora Is Coming For RiRi...Is Leo Coming For Chris Brown??

Another cover by a musician, but this artist gives me the hope I thought I lost...
Rita Ora has made it her mission to replace Riri, not only on the charts, but in life. Instead of thinking "bitch move over" Rita Ora is thinking "bitch, its time to die". Whether or not her attack will be successful, remains a mystery with time. 

However, no one has really tried to come for Chris Brown's spot or the whatever he has left of a spot. He still has his ratchet hoodrat fans, but the musical world isn't eating up his tunes like they used to. This bring me to the cover of Leo Dianko.

I came across this vid after my brother sent it to me, and I immediately liked it, not by the music itself but the image. WTF is he doing in the vid. Is he going to murder someone? Regardless, it's intriguing and def an eye grabber. His voice, very icy and soft, reminding me of an early Usher but it's the songs that swoon me. To the piano medley, the songs are almost haunting, leaving me to desire the whole song because it would be a great fit on my IPOD.

The song he has 'Different Ways' is supposed to be a Drake cover but after watching, it is the artist own rendition of Drake's "We'll Be Fine" beat and to be honest, (I thought I would never see the day) but I like Leo's version better than Drake's 0-o. All we need is a video of Leo dancing and he will have me in his corner 24/7 to make sure he is on my radio's.  Check it out below. 


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