Vybz Kartel - Mi In Love (Not A Love Song)

Jesus father, look how Vybz bleach out him skin! smh

If my grandmother knew I was listening to this song on a Sunday, she would be rolling in her grave. 'Mi in love' happens to be one of my favorite dancehall tunes, as Vybz is singing about his love for pum pum (for the white people reading, pum pum means pussy in the Jamaican dialect.) As a typical Vybz Kartel song, it's very dirty in lyrics and good enough to make people dance. I don't think most American's even understand a word he is saying, so they just shake their ass along to the beat. 

The line "mi fling weh the boots cause mi wan gi yuh a baby" is not talking about taking off shoes. It translates to "I threw out the condom cause I want to get you pregnant." Nevertheless, ladies proceed to bend over and touch your toes. 

I hope to see more material like this from Vybz in the future and I will also pray to Jah that he stops bleaching. I  don't understand Jamaican's obsession with being light skin. (proceeds to touch my high yellow skin)

 Vybz Kartel - URBANMUSICDAILY.NET - 00 - Mi In Love by darkphoenixx


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