Ester Dean - Death Of Us (Rihanna Demo) And The Clear Proof Rihanna Sniffs Crack

Usually when I smoke a blunt, I get smarter and more aware. This is how I know hers is laced with crack. 

Rihanna has so many #1's and I can say it's cause of her swag and good selection of music. I've only fallen out of love with her for only a week (wipes lonely tear running from eye away). After she released Funeral Cake, I don't know how to feel about her anymore. Talk That Talk's release and music selections are proof she hasn't been thinking clearly lately. Then this demo for Talk That Talk by Ester solidifies that her ass needs rehab of some sort. 

If she isn't singing to Fist Brown "oh na na, Leave mi face. oh na na" then she is clearly taking some crack and it's fucking up her senses. Death Of Us would have been a perfect fit for a single or just a good ass track, but she left it off to include corniness and over hyped sexed up songs. It makes me feel like while she was recording and singing in the booth "Lick my cockiness" she literally had someone eating her out, and then some. 

If her release of Funeral Cake on her birthday wasn't proof that she is on some next level drugs, then maybe this track will make it super clear for you. Ester Dean better release it herself or give it to someone worthy. Although now I'm listening to it, I can't help but hear the lyrics say "If I don't feel your punch. It'll be the death of us." Let's have a moment of silence. 

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