Moxiie - Animal

The rise of the jungle beats. It's only the beginning.

She is upcoming and trying to make her stamp using these jungle beats. The song makes me imagine a bunch of Africans parading in a big circle while the lions rejoice on the mountain tops. Then there is a jamaican girl booty popping in the center of the circle waving a gun in the air. The power of the jungle beats. 

 MoXiie - JUNGLE PoP - 03 - Animal. by darkphoenixx 

It's different from what you typically hear, and it solidifies my theory that one day reggae or similar jungle beats will be mainstream in America. I only hope dreads don't follow behind and stay where they remain. Check out Moxiie's 'Animal' below and if you have subs, plug them in and feel this beat. Can you imagine the Africans dancing too?


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