- Verse Simmonds- Voodoo -

Can't lie. I don't know who the fuck he is. I had to look him up. But this song >>>>>>>>>>>.

 Verse Simmonds - VooDoo by darkphoenixx

I would say this is that nice "going for a cruise in the car" type of song, but after listening to the whole thing, you better be receiving head or showing off them oral skills during the drive. I had to plug the bass in to catch the heaviness of this beat and I think its perfect. When I think "voodoo", I think of a bunch of crazy Haitians running around with shrunken heads, but this song changes all that. I want to be in a club with this wildin out like the youth should. And if it get's too crazy, I'll blame it on voodoo.

This is the kind of stuff The Dream should be singing instead of all that ey ey ey sounding like he's suffering from a stroke.


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