Welcoming Rita Ora - Party and Bullshit

Jay-Z's newest gem, and Rihanna's replacement?

Everyone has to be replaced eventually by someone else and the Rihanna reign might be letting up with her acting all crazy lately. Jay-Z introduced Rita with her debut song Party and Bullshit. It's as if Jay-Z oldest child is rebelling so now he brings forth the youngest one. She looks good and sounds good to. The song is easily something the radio will keep in rotation, and I have a gut feeling she is going to blow up big in the States. Girls from the UK seem to do it big over here. And she's only 21.

The song sounds like something you would hear from Katy Perry. Not really original but whatever, cause it's still pretty good. She has swag and a very sexy exotic look. If she could dance, then nothing will most likely stop her besides if Adele releases a '24'. Check out the video to her #1 song in the UK, Hot Right Now. 

You can rant that Jay-Z is illumanti or whatever conspiracy is associated with him these dayS, but you can never deny Jay knows how to make that money. 


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