Vybz Kartel - Freaky Gyal

I love Vybz Kartel's music. But I almost didn't put a picture of him up. As my grandmother would have said "Lawd, why him bloodclaat ugly suh?"

The worst part about that pic is that it's not even how he looks like right now. He is about 10 shades lighter. Clearly Vybz Kartel and Sammy Sosa have been sharing the same lotion. 

As for the song, like any Vybz Kartel song, it's pure fire. When Vybz is not running around threatening to shoot up a random building, trying to dodge jail time, or pretending he's Buffy but opting to slay gay people instead of vampires, he is actually making good music. The best part about his music, is that I see people who don't understand the dialect dancing and singing along. But, little do they know he is always talking about ramming his dick in some girls pussy. In this particular one, he even declares "don't pretend you don't like to get blow jobs." I'm not pretending at all. 

 Vybz Kartel - URBANMUSICDAILY.NET - 00 - Freaky Gal (Part 2) by darkphoenixx 

The beat is something I would release in the States if I had a chance. I think the radio would eat it up. It makes me think I'm back on my island at a dance and a girl the size of Precious is doing a split with the audience cheering her on. *sigh*


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