Trey Song - His Lesbian Anthem - Girl On Girl

Well. At least he's honest. He got played cause she just turned Lesbian.

For all the girls that love telling guys they are lesbian's instead of simply saying no, well now they have a song to sing along too. Trey Songz sings about his confusion of coming across such a situation. He sings about it on a very sad piano melody backed by a steady paced drum. At first listen, I thought it was going to be another "Trey Songz" typical sex song but I was surprised. Who would have thunk it? And hell didn't freeze over. (Can you tell I'm not a fan.) 

I feel like this song would have the power to make every girl who hasn't already, jump on the wave of saying they're "bisexual". And now they have a song that helps their sudden "turn" to say it's the men's fault. So if your girlfriend blames you of such a thing, then you can blame Trey Songz. It will become a never ending cycle of who to blame. That's only until 50 Cent gets pissed all his hoes are turning lesbian and releases "The Blame Game".


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