Has Blue Ivy Time Traveled To The Past...And Hiding As Brianna Perry

Seems Beyonce may have sent her child back in the past to save her from a future where the aliens have officially taken over. 

I saw this video posted on the tube and after watching, I thought the shrooms I took over the summer were still in my system. Does she look a little like Beyonce, or am I bugging? People kept commenting on the video that she looked like Beyonce until Beyonce's bird headed stans would jump on knocking down their opinions. But to me, she looks like Jay and Beyonce's product. Dun dun dun!!

This is some Dragon Ball Z shit, when one character came from the future to see his parents. Well Brianna Perry is on the right track with this tune. I think she is looking to catch on before we figure out she is Blue Ivy from the future. Maybe she came back to warn us about the aliens that come to Earth to completely fuck shit up. Who knows. Or maybe the current Jay-Z knows and is apart of the plan. Or maybe future Beyonce sent her back to grab some weave cause the aliens won't let her have any. A bald Beyonce?  #conspiracy


Anonymous said...

LMAO @ bald Beyonce. A conspiracy indeed.

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