Kreayshwan Ft 2 Chains - Breakfast (Music Video)

This can't be life....

I don't know what is going on in the world today because I try to stay away from the news. Watching the news adds too much negativity to my party lifestyle, but clearly I must tune in, because what was once considered ratchet is being accepted as normal. Kreayshwan looks like an old white gangsta grandma lady to me. She has old woman swag and I can't explain it but I'm pretty sure that's what she was going for. 2 Chains however has become my newest comedic relief, as I ask myself, WHAT THE FUCK IS HE SAYING. WHO WRITES THIS STUFF. Please, if you know who writes this stuff, drop me an email cause I'm sending Batman their name so they can get slayed cause that is a straight crime. Syrup will never be the same again....

Regardless of my bias opinions, this beat is fucking heavy and sounds like sex coming out of my bass. That is all. Watch and enjoy the video.


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