Rihanna - Where Have You Been

So what...I love her again.

If you venture back in my post, you know I was pissed when Rihanna made Funeral Cake with the one who won't be named. My quest to get famous and seek her out ended faster than a car crash. But..it wasn't till I was at a house party in Spanish Harlem with a girl bent over touchin her toes backin it up on me while Funeral Cake played, that I fell in love with Rihanna again.

Where Have You Been in my opinion was the most poppin track on her new album other than Watch n Learn, so its about time she released it. You Da One clearly didn't cut it for the world, so she had to step it up. And in an attempt to step it up to another level, my love dances. About fucking time. How the fuck you claim you are from the Caribbean but you don't dance? If my Jamaican ass had to make music video's, I will guarantee you non stop movement like a true yardy in everyone. But mi will mek her slide this time.


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