Stooshe - Black Heart

I may be a bitch for liking this song..but I like it!

Never really heard of this group before. I'm not gonna pretend I did, but I saw this music video and I approve. This song is very 60's mowtown feel and I always like those kind of songs. I was obsessed with Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" until I found who sung it (he reminds me of a bowling ball with weave).

Stooshe is UK based, and if you check this site you know I love the UK. I'm going BACK to London in three weeks for three weeks to continue my partying ways. Hopefully I will live to tell the tale of my adventures and if I was able to fuck (not rape) Cher Lloyd. Check out the video below to Stooshe's single. The pink haired girl could def pull a Beyonce and say "farewell bitches." She bad. 

*Tidbit There name is a Jamaican word that means stingy. I wonder if they know this. 


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