Cher Lloyd aka My New Conquest

I was in love with Rihanna for the longest. I even vowed to get famous so she could notice me (sad right). But ever since she released Funeral Cake with the Aggressive One, my eye has moved to the girl who was only my crush, Cher Lloyd. 

I first saw Cher Lloyd when I was laying on my hotel room bed in London scanning through the channels wondering what the UK had to offer me. Then I saw her. First I thought, damn she is hot, then I thought, what the hell is a Swagga Jagga, and changed the channel. She wasn't far from my mind though. But my love for her didn't hit me until I saw her music video "With Your Love". Only if we can jump in the television screen. 

When I go back to London this summer, I might make it a conquest to find her and wife her up. These are the words of man who doesn't joke. I'm serious. I feel like I have to insert a "deadass" for readers to believe me. But I will get her, deadass. 

Check out the vid I'm talking about below and see for yourself why I was imagining pushing Mike Posner off that building for her heart. 


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