- Mya - Take Him Out - *Bumboclaat!!*

Mya sings on a reggae tinged beat claiming she's had wack sex. Clearly she hasn't been to Jamaica.

 03 Take Him Out (feat. Spice) by darkphoenixx

Lawd gawd! Mya. I thought she walked into a portal to never be seen again, but this proved me wrong. I think I'm extra hyped cause reggae artist Spice is on the track. And Spice is just raw and have no manners. So when I saw the feature, I thought what the fuck can come from this. But I like it. I could just imagine this being in America and all the white people finally learning what daggering is. No longer would they say "Billy, are they having sex or dancing", but instead join along in the DAGGERING MADNESS. This is something I would expect from Rihanna to be honest, and I don't know why. The song is well produced and makes you forget that Major Lazer's work has been recycled so much that it's begging not to be used anymore. Dagger away my friends.



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